To increase self-reliance and bolster personal independence, A Brighter Path Programs link people who are blind or visually impaired to a wide range of recreational activities, practical courses, specialized vision products and adaptive technologies.

Summer Enrichment Experience (SEE) Summer Camps are coming up! Learn more here: Help cover the cost of camp for a child who is blind attending by donating:

A guide dog waits with his owner.

Focus On Literacy

Ensures students at-home access to adaptive technology for reading and learning

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The Student Enrichment Experience (SEE) Afterschool and SEE Camp programs provide valuable educational and recreational opportunities for K-12 students in our community.

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Voice of Vision

Helps theater enthusiasts who are visually impaired or blind more fully enjoy a movie or play. Community volunteers describe the action onstage or onscreen, and these descriptions are transmitted through headsets worn during the performance.

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The Mobile Vision Center

Connects individuals who are visually impaired with low-vision specialists and resources throughout North Carolina.